Pre-made Customizable Storenvy Template , Shop Layout, Store Theme

Introducing RainingSugar Production's first Semi-Customizable Storenvy template!

------------For an introductory price of $15 for the first two customers!----------

Here's a nice Vintage/Nature inspired theme perfect for any shop owner who prefers a simple and non-clustered approach!

The layout is simple and elegant, making it easy for shoppers to navigate, and not bad on the eye either ;)

This package includes:
-1x banner graphic (Customized with your store name and short slogan/description)
- Customized collection navigator with max 5x collections buttons (please contact me regarding additional collection)
-1x footer graphic
-CSS coding
-Layout HTML
-Product page HTML
-Free installation (you can great a temp password for me to install the template and You can change it back later :) )
This template does not support:
-other websites
-sidebar contact/FAQ/Store profile (contact and faq located in footer)

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions regarding this template.

Please allow 2-3 days for me to make the personalized graphics and host them for you. Afterwards, codes and instructions will be sent via email.

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